Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tell me sweet little lies

It was absolutely hysterical watching Anderson Cooper 360 tonight. Larry Elder and Glenn Beck were in full "I'm a real conservative and I hate John McCain" mode:
BECK: So, that says a lot.

But my thinking is, the Republican Party has not had their pivot point. They had not had their moment of, I can't live this way anymore. They have got to find their values. And they're never going to do it if we keep enabling them to throw in these -- these candidates that are not real, true conservatives. I personally think the Republican Party needs to bottom out.

COOPER: And, so, you're saying bottoming out is -- is Hillary Clinton in office, and that will teach conservatives a lesson?

BECK: No, not teach conservatives a lesson, as much as let them know that -- I, as a conservative, will not pull the lever for John McCain. The guy has betrayed us over and over again, as conservatives.

And you know what? I was willing to give people the benefit of the doubt before George Bush. But then he started being big government, big spending. And I thought, wait a minute. This guy isn't who he -- who he said he was. He's betrayed conservative values.

. . .

LARRY ELDER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: I don't know about Glenn, but Bill Kristol nailed it.

If you believe in the war, if you believe that what Bush did was the right thing, and you want the war to be prosecuted to a successful conclusion, and if you believe, as I do, that, very likely, another 9/11 was staved off, how can you, in good conscience, whether you're a Republican or just a -- an American, want a commander in chief Barack Obama or a commander in chief Hillary Rodham Clinton?

BECK: Oh, I -- I...

ELDER: If you are concerned about the economy, how can you want somebody who wants to repeal the Bush tax cuts and do nationalized health care? It makes no sense.

BECK: Yes. Well, I...


ELDER: And if you are concerned about the Supreme Court, how can you want somebody like Ruth Bader Ginsburg...

BECK: I don't.

ELDER: ... vs. Roberts or Alito or Scalia or Thomas?

I -- I think those three issues alone answer the question.


I -- I don't want any of those things. However, I don't believe that John McCain understands the economy. He has been against the Bush tax cuts. No matter what he says, he's been against the Bush tax cuts from the very beginning. He doesn't understand the basic principles of tax cuts.

And here's the problem. We are facing a perfect storm. We have got the economy. We have got the war. We have got Islamic extremism. We have the border. He's wrong on most of these. He's wrong.

. . .

COOPER: Is there ever a perfect candidate, Glenn?

BECK: No, no, there's never a perfect candidate. But here's the thing, Anderson. To me right now, the economy is -- is so important. If you look at what is coming down the road, it is crushing economy. And we've got to have somebody to understand that. You will not be able to execute a war. You won't be able to do it because you won't be able to afford

So the Bush tax cuts, that McCain doesn't understand, are a really good thing that have had no negative effects on the economy. And that little war has had no effect on popular opinion of the Republican Party.

John McCain, who wants a 100 year war, isn't conservative enough for these folks.

John McCain, who:
will make the Bush income and investment tax cuts permanent
isn't conservative enough for these folks.

John McCain, who wants to reform Social Security:
Promises made to previous and current generations have placed the United States on an unsustainable budget pathway. Unchecked, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare obligations will grow as large as the entire federal budget is now in just a few decades.
isn't conservative enough for these folks.

Who are these folks? Soldiers of the Right wing conservative movement. The same Right-wing movement that has ruled America with an iron fist since 1994, regardless of who was in the White House. The same bastards who have promoted government expansion and international intervention, while promising limited government and modest foreign policy.

They're lying bastards, hungry for power, corporate greed and growth, and power to control and rule the lives of ordinary Americans.

Yet these tools on the radio and TV, folks like Beck and Elder, still bow down and worship even unto the lying bastards that have promised them rain, while pissing down their backs.

They deserve what they get.

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