Friday, February 08, 2008

Playing with uranium, Never be the same again

Uranium Exploration Near Grand Canyon

With minimal public notice and no formal environmental review, the Forest Service has approved a permit allowing a British mining company to explore for uranium just outside Grand Canyon National Park, less than three miles from a popular lookout over the canyon’s southern rim.
“We have a legacy, which isn’t too good, from the uranium mining in the past,” said Deb Hill, chairwoman of the Coconino board.

Knowledge of the cancers suffered by former uranium workers and their families on a nearby Navajo reservation, worries about uranium-laden trucks and trains on roads and concern about contamination of the aquifers and streams in arid northern Arizona were also factors in the vote, Ms. Hill said.
The Forest Service made its decision after limited public notice to local officials, environmental groups and tribal governments. There was no public hearing.
Arizonans should ask Senator McCain what he thinks about this.

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