Friday, February 15, 2008

Max And The Marginalized


Regular and occasional readers of my musings might infer from my music-related posts that I don't really dig a lot of new music ('new', meaning released in the last decade or so), although that's not necessarily true.

The reality is that there is so much music in the world that just barely catching up with the near-infinite back catalog available to thirsty ears (in addition to indulging oneself in old favorites) leaves precious little time for the future, especially a future perceived in explicitly corporate or predictably commercial terms.
Being somewhat cynical about the machinations of industry and the preponderance of mockingbirds that outweighs genuine talent, I hesitate to poison the well for those younger than myself who may find grandeur where I find studied derivativeness. Inculcating disappointment in the New Heroes is not what I'm about.

I'm also hesitant to wrap my extremely limited infamy like a burning tire around the neck of a young band by way of endorsement..."That sicko with the skeevy pictures says he likes them?" - Just what a burgeoning talent needs, that sort of anvil to the foot.

However, it is always a pleasure when one finds that they can reciprocate appreciation.
These stalwart fellows contacted me asking permission to use some of my works, and as is my wont I gave them a listen in return. I found a lot of things to like...Aggression, consciousness, stylistic depth, and prolific creativity.

Thus, I recommend to those with an interest...Max and The Marginalized.

'A few more bands like this, and our troubles will be over very quickly'


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