Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I started a joke...

So Uncle Dick says tonight:
The key to success in Afghanistan has been, again, to go in and go after the terrorists, which we've done, and also take down the Taliban regime which allowed them to function there, in effect sponsors, if you will, of the al Qaeda organization.
And then he says:
Now that we've captured or killed thousands of al Qaeda and taken down the regimes of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban, it's important that we stand up democratically elected governments as the only guarantee that they'll never again revert to terrorism or the production of deadly weapons.

But wait! Today's NYTimes (or tomorrow's, relative to the debate) has this special article:

NATO Expects Rush of Taliban Attacks in Afghanistan

NATO's top general said Tuesday that allied forces were girding for a surge of attacks by Taliban fighters and others in the last days before Afghanistan's presidential elections on Saturday.

Was Uncle Dick wrong, or, was he just spinning? I mean, he's known for telling the truth. some expamples? Here they are:

Atrios has this re: Did he ever meet Edwards before:
"Congressman Wamp, Senator Edwards, friends from across America, and distinguished visitors to our country from all over the world: Lynne and I are honored to be with you all this morning."

And of course, the whole Saddam and Al Qaeda, sitting in a tree...that even Chris Matthews dispatched, much to the chagrin of Mr. Ginsberg, late of the Republican Spin Machine...


The only question I have is who are the Taliban going to vote for: Bush, or Kerry?