Tuesday, October 05, 2004

You say yes, I say no..

Polls after the Young Turk debated Uncle Nasty:

CBSNews Edwards 79% Cheney 19%

MSNBC.com Edwards 69% Cheney 31%

CNN.com Edwards 78% Cheney 18%

Houston Chronicle: Edwards 90% Cheney 9%

Newsday.com: Edwards 95.9% Cheney 4.1%

Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal: Edwards 98% Cheney 2%

Pundits after the debate:


Cheney won

In other words, the score reads:
People 1
Pundits 0

So. Florida Sun Sentinal: Edwards 59% Cheney 39.4% (averages of 4 questions)

Yet Scarborough says 'vodka drinking democrats manning the keyboards & blogs', to which Ron Reagan says 'yes, but there are republicans doing the same thing, and yet..' (note: paraphrased).