Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It's nature's way...

Another item sent to me from my ever-vigilant Mom. I haven't spent enough time really checking out this web site, but what the heck, it's an interesting theory.

From democracymeansyou.com:

Believe it or not, DMY has uncovered a Bush & Cheney strategy for Cheney to pull a “Bob Roberts,” faking a heart attack to gain a sympathetic edge in this tight election if the polls do not drastically change by the last week in October, according to a confidential source close to the Oval Office—and DMY. In fact, our source says that Cheney will try to blame the faux heart attack on Kerry bringing up Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation in the last debate. Disgusting but true. And completely in character for these creeps.

Our source says they will tap John McCain for the VP spot, a sure shot to clinching the election. It’s unclear whether McCain knows about the plan or not. While it’s long been a rumor that Bush will dump Cheney and take on McCain, this is a backdoor way for them to do it without looking desperate for a new face on the ticket.

Is this the October surprise we’ve all been waiting for? It definitely could be. And saving it for the final week in October, with, I’m sure, some dramatic heroics on Cheney’s part about dropping out for the good of the country, and how vile Kerry is for driving him to a heart attack, will do a lot for they sympathy vote.

Though I shouldn’t be shocked, I am. Somehow I thought this sort of garbage was beyond even them—but it seems these guys will do ANYTHING to hold on to power. Don’t put it past them.

To counter this ploy we need to get the word out. Discuss this as a possible Bush-Cheney dirty trick—just like “whoops, there’s Osama!”—so that if it does actually happen, it won’t come as a surprise and people will at least be skeptical. And if it does happen, don’t fall into the sympathy trap. Call them to the carpet. And please: be careful to not sound like a conspiracy theorist when you do talk about it. But talk about it, forward this email, talk about it in chat rooms, on radio shows, and wherever else you can.

And all that while getting out and knocking on doors and phone calling for Kerry/Edwards.

It’s gonna be a tough two weeks but don’t give up!

Remember, you heard it here first.

*“Bob Roberts” is a 1992 film by Tim Robbins in which a far right wing presidential candidate feigns an assassination attempt in order to gain a sympathy vote, which he does.

So there you have it. We clearly haven't had a real October Surprise yet, although the 380 tons of explosives gone missing in Iraq (as discussed here by Josh Marshall) comes pretty close:

The New York Times, following the lead of The Nelson Report, has now posted its story on the looting of the 350-odd tons of high-explosives from the al Qa Qaa weapons facility in Iraq.

The Times story treads lightly over the question of whether the explosives in question have played a substantial role in the various suicide bombings, car bombings and sundry other attacks in Iraq over the last year.

They also say little about Pentagon pressure on the Iraqis not to report the disappearance of the explosives to the IAEA.

Read down, further, further...no, dammit, don't stop. Keep reading. This is the best commentary on this screw up you will ever be able to read.

But still we press on, ever valiantly toward our quest. Or something....

By the way, today's song title is pretty obscure. I don't want to sound like Dennis Miller (in any manner) with all his studied clever references, it's just that this was truly the first song that came to mind when I thought "heart attack." Although surely there are more. "Sheer Heart Attack": Queen, for one.

Actually, it's from a band called Spirit, which was important for a minute around '68-'70. Their main songwriter was a fellow called Randy California, and the song was about a friend who had suffered a heart attack:

It's nature's way of telling you something's wrong
It's nature's way of telling you in a song
It's nature's way of receiving you
It's nature's way of retrieving you
It's nature's way of telling you
Something's wrong

While not terribly challenging as lyrics go, it was still a pretty good song, and it just seemed somehow appropriate, on more than one level. Ok, enough navel gazing for now.

K, bye.