Sunday, October 03, 2004

It's only one button

A record producer friend of mine, who also owns a recording studio, has a favorite expression for when something goes wrong in the studio:

It's only one button.

Somewhere, in the roughly bazillion knobs, switches, buttons & lights, one small thing is awry, and when we find it, and correct it, all will be well again. And he's mostly right.

Now, my job has been for several years to help studio figure out which button, and then, if something is really broken, help them deal with it. And I'm quite comfortable in that role. AIn't much that surprises me. Computers, tape machines, mixing consoles, guitars, keyboards, musicians, hell, I've seen it all. Bring 'em on!

But this blog thingie is a little new to me. So imagine my chagrin when, just a day or so after posting that I was surprised that no one left me any comments, I discovered that it was only one button that I had forgotten to hit, so that anyDAMNone can leave comments. How did I make this mighty intellectual leap? Uh, well, like, I tried to leave myself a comment, and, like, it didn't work. A little sleuthing on my part into settings and all is good now. And don't I feel silly.


Anonymous said...

testing one two three

Anonymous said...

Seberat apapun beban masalah yang kamu hadapi saat ini, percayalah bahwa semua itu tidak pernah melebihi batas kemampuan kamu.

Anonymous said...

Jangan terpuruk ketika kamu tengah berada dalam situasi terburuk