Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Plame Game: Novak novak bovak, banana fana fo HACK

Not much has been heard lately about Novak's treason, where he outed a CIA agent who was looking for WMDs. In other words, he destroyed the career of someone who actually serves a purpose on this island Earth, unlike ol' Bob. He did this, it seems for one of two reasons: either as a pathetic attempt to prop up his standing as a "journalist," or to solidify his position as a party loyalist to Karl, the Godfather of Evil.

Steve Chapman of the Chicago Trubune has a good take on this, esp. regarding journalistic privilege against revealing sources:

Why the press is wrong about the Valerie Plame case
If you witness a crime and are called to testify about it, you have two choices: do it or go to jail. When people in my profession receive that sort of invitation, though, they prefer a third option: telling the prosecutor to go pound sand.

But a case generating controversy now raises a question: Why should journalists be allowed to conceal evidence about serious crimes? And, though I normally root for the press in conflicts with the government, I have to say that in this instance, the news media are in the wrong.


The prosecutor has already met a stringent test designed to prevent the abuse of journalists. There are two other reasons that Miller and Cooper should testify: The crime is a serious one, and the public gained nothing from the revelation. If Miller and Cooper know the source of this illegal leak and refuse to tell, they are protecting a criminal who betrayed his country.

Judy Miller, whos journalistic integrity has taken a major hit since she signed up as a background singer with the Ahmed Chalabi Traveling Soul Circus, should really consider following Chapman's advice.

But this raises another point? Why isn't Novak's ass rotting in jail on charges of contempt of just about everything decent?

Just asking...


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