Sunday, October 03, 2004

People get ready, there's a train a comin'

A dear friend who checked out my little blog for the first time, sent me a lovely email. This is a man, a long-time friend, who was in several bands with me "back in the day," as the kids say. And like me, he has moved on to a more reality based lifestyle (read: job/wife/kids/home in the suburbs) but hasn't lost a lick of his wit, sensibility, or left leaning right thinking (not a contradiction) ways.

Here's part of Jack's email:

I read the blog and I enjoyed the use of song snippets as titles for diferent sections. I didn't need any convincing that Bush needs to go. The invasion of Iraq was the last straw for me. And now there are rumors circulating that the draft may be re-instated. I have two sons, neither of whom I am willing to give up as cannon fodder. This project must be taking up a lot of your time.

First, it ain't taking up that much of my time, since I rely in great part on the real work done by my betters. Having said that, yeah, it takes up a bit of time, but it gives me some release, and may, hopefully, help out some friends who don't have the time or inclination to read as much as I do.

But the meat of Jack's response is pretty focused. Bush must go, he's not only a threat to the world, but to My Country and My Family! And that's a pretty powerful imperative to follow. Citizen Jack is riled up, and Papa Jack is really pissed. And I think that's a response we'll be seeing from more and more people coming up here soon.

The debate has raised some eyebrows, as well as some consciousnesses. More and more folks will arise from the long nightmare of the GWBush experience, and after shaking off the cobwebs and drinking a fresh cup of Starbuck, will start thinking, feeling, and spreading the word around water coolers, board rooms, back yards, and gyms that the Kerry train might just be a rollin'.