Saturday, June 10, 2006

al-Zarqawi: Political ends, as sad remains, will die.

Jeff Goldstein works with the only audience that would find him actually funny-a dead guy:

protein wisdom: “I don’t know about you, but I think Gerry Rafferty is one of the most underrated rock/pop voices of our generation...”


protein wisdom: “Baker Street’? ‘Right Down the Line’? That’s some sophisticated pop sound, man.”


protein wisdom: “And in fact, ‘Baker Street’ may be responsible for bringing the sax back into pop music. Although I guess some people would point you to Springsteen—who for the record is completely derivative of John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown band.”


protein wisdom: “Of course, not many people know that, because JC didn’t achieve any measure of fame until much later on. With the Eddie and the Cruisers soundtrack.”

Now he's a faux music critic. Gerry Rafferty? He was what bad Top 40 radio in the late '70s thought was 'serious' music. Of course we see how well that worked out.

More deep thoughts:
protein wisdom: “For instance, a question I bet a lot of my readers would be interested in hearing your answer to is, why did you target Iraqi civilians if what you were trying to do was win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi population?”


protein wisdom: “I mean, was it to try to foment a civil war?—which, if that happens, will likely happen thanks to years of brutal Sunni-Ba’athist oppression of the majority Shia and not because al Qaeda fooled anyone into thinking their attacks were anything other than pure barbarism. Or was there something else involved? Some other grand strategy?”


protein wisdom: “-- Like, I dunno, maybe the real target of your attacks was the Western media, which has shown itself to be easily manipulated toward anti-war sentiment by ‘insurgent’ brutality. Something along those lines.”


What's really sad is this, from Jeff's BFF, Rick Moran at the not-at-all ironically named RightWingNutHouse:
Jeff Goldstein has an interview with the now dead terrorist that had me laughing so hard I almost emptied my bladder.

One word, dude: Depends.

Note: Ralph Wiggum graphic stolen from Atrios. So sue me.