Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hot fun in the summer time

The latest meeting of the super secret Greater Los Angeles Blogger's Society was held today at the palatial lakeside estate of Kevin (& Marion) Drum. In attendance were:
special guest of honor Susie Madrak (& friend, sorry, I forgot her name),
Bob Harris,
Elton & Mrs. Beard,
Armed Liberal & Mrs. Liberal,
Mark Kleiman,
Arianna Huffington,
Rebecca Schoenkopf (OC Weekly)

and yours truly along with Pam (Mrs. Audio). The stars of Friday Cat Blogging, Inkblot & Jasmine, remained hidden, but their presence was mystically felt by all.

After the Invocation, followed by prayers to Markos and the reading of today's Kossian instructions, the fun began.

Seriously, it was a great time, and we got to hear Susie offer some really great ideas on media and communications for the Left blogtopia (y!sctw).

Thanks to the Drums for opening up their home, thanks to all who came and made it interesting, and for all those who were supposed to come, you missed a great time. And according to Pam, the best hamburger she's had in a long time!

Update: Forgot Rebecca. Sorry!