Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life would be a ding-a-derry, If I only had a brain

Rick Moran from RightWingNuthouse, pictured here, is always good for a few laughs. After roundly criticizing anyone who wants to, you know, cut-and-run from the GWOT as currently practiced in Iraq, he now is on board with the current GOP plan to, you know, cut-and-run:
How else can you explain their laughable contention that their immoral, milquetoast resolutions on Iraq have been vindicated by news that the Pentagon plans on drawing down our forces in Iraq 5% by September (conditions on the ground permitting) with another 15% by the end of 2007 being able to come home (again, conditions permitting).

I see, it's the timing. So we can't have a timetable, unless it's OUR timetable. Makes sense to me. As I said previously,
It's about power, greed, power, money, and power. That's all they want, that's all they care about. Timetables, deadlines, whatever. It's all rhetoric, and whenever something starts to resonate with the public, the Repubs will claim to have invented it.

Does this mean I'm as clairvoyant as TBogg was re: Rushbo? Hardly. In that area, he stands alone.

And Rick again erects (that word makes me think of Limbaugh again) the patented Right-Wing-Straw-Man-Of-The-Year:
And, the so-called Levin alternative resolution was even murkier on the subject, although the floor speeches made by Democrats gave the game away before they even voted. Universally (and this is the mercifully short version) they believe the War is a failure, George Bush is incompetent, and it’s time to leave so that we can blame him for the defeat in time to get enough Democrats elected in November in order to take control of Congress.

An immoral, cynical ploy‚‘tis true. But then, when it comes to our national security, never let it be said that anyone cut in front of the Democrats when it came time to surrender.

Because as we all know, Iraq was responsible for every attack that ever happened or ever might happen against the US of A. So we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here.