Monday, June 19, 2006

John Kerry: "he's fighting for the USA"

As I mentioned here, a few of us Los Angeles based bloggers got to meet with John Kerry a few weeks ago:
Folks, I take back everything I ever said about him post 11/04. He completely understands what happened, how he was defeated, and how his legitimacy is still being questioned by the Swift Boat Bastards from hell. In fact, in direct response to my pointed comment about his current response to them, he looked me right in the eye and outlined exactly what his counterattacks had been, many of which I had forgotten. And then, rather than getting defensive, he simply said "I should have fought back harder." Word.

I received an email from his Press Secretary today, in which she said:
Just so you know what to expect this week in terms of Iraq debate -- John Kerry has been calling for a clear deadline for withdrawal and will not take the heat off the Iraqi leaders to do their job and stand up for their own country. There will be a real debate on withdrawal this week. Kerry continues working in partnership with Senator Feingold and others on amendment plans and a meaningful vote this week.

We'll see. Sounds great, but these bastards play for keeps.