Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Call me - Pennsylvania 6-5000

Diana Irey is running against Jack Murtha for the PA-12:

Do you know this man?

For years, many of us throughout Pennsylvania trusted John Murtha. We knew him and he looked out for our interests and our values. But that John Murtha is missing today.

After 32 years in Washington, John Murtha has become part of the problem. To name just a few examples:

John Murtha – Wrong on Health Care. John Murtha has voted to actually make your health care more expensive. He even voted against tax-free health savings accounts.

John Murtha – Wrong on National Defense. John Murtha actually voted to cut spending on our national security by $76 billion. Then, he voted in favor of instituting the draft! And, perhaps most stunning of all, John Murtha spoke out against the brave men and women who are defending our freedom by calling for an immediate withdrawl of our troops from Iraq.

Damn Murtha! Speaking out against the troops by, you know, wanting to stop them from getting killed. Never mind that is not what he advocated for. How do you know a Republican is lying? Yeah. Idiot.

From her bio:
Diana has held a number of positions helping to steer the Washington County area toward increased economic growth. She served on the board of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission; co-chaired its Committee to Develop the Former Alcoa building into a regional renaissance tower, served on the boards of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Growth Alliance and Pittsburgh Regional Alliance executive board and co-chaired their business attraction committee.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Growth Alliance, eh? Here's what they do:

Fight EPA clean air rules

Advocate for developers and land grabbers

File suits against the EPA (note: look who the judge on the case was)

Join phony "Air Quality Partnerships" with steel & other industries

There's more, much more. She's a pro growth & industry tool.