Thursday, June 29, 2006

It was just my imagination, once again

From the ever amusing (you know, amusing, like watching the "strange" neighbor boy pick his nose and eat it) Patterico, we get what simply is The. Funniest. Line. Of. The. Week.:
Andrew Sullivan speaks for many misguided lefties . . .

(Emphasis mine, because, well, it's obvious).

Uh, not so much.

And he still hates the NYTimes and the LATimes for printing the story about the secret world-wide financial processing company and the surveillance thereof, but thinks the WSJ (R-Fund) is tres cool, and I don't mean the guy from Greenday.

Here's his response to my comment today:
[I am getting impatient with people who don’t read the blog regularly coming in here and making snarky hit-and-run comments like this. I have explained in a post from the past week why the WSJ is different. Read that post. There is a distinction, and I won’t explain it again and again because I already explained it. — P]

I am not worthy.

And his permanent link titles are way too long. But I guess that's so he can sound out all the words.