Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dreamboat Annie my little ship of dreams

I am sick and tired of this shit!

tbogg mentions Rick Moran, who, (ahem) is slightly off-put by Ann-thing Coulter's latest spew:
She has descended into a black hole of necessity from which there is no escape; where she is forced to please her rabid base of red meat conservatives usually by going beyond the bounds of decency and proper public discourse in order to make a point that could have been made without resorting to the kind of hurtful, hateful, personal attacks that have become a hallmark of her war with liberals.

Make no mistake. Ann Coulter is a brutish lout, a conservative ogre who should be denied a public platform to spout what any conservative with an ounce of integrity and intellectual honesty should be able to see as unacceptable. To descend to the level of your opponents in order to criticize them is not an excuse. And for such a gifted wordsmith, Coulter does not have the excuse of ignorance.

Yeah. Well, problem is, he doesn't really mean it. He is either too gutless to align himself with her raving, or just embarrased by her bad publicity.

Here's why:
We may violently disagree with their politics.

Dude, I don't violently disagree with anyone's politics, except the KKK, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, or similar groups. I strongly oppose damn near everything the Republicans stand for, but violent? That's creepy.
Can you imagine some liberal commentator making similar remarks about Debra Burlingame, sister of Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame, III, captain of American Airlines flight 77, which was crashed at the Pentagon and who is fighting to keep the 9/11 Memorial from being hijacked by the anti-American left?

Just who exactly is this anti-American left? I don't remember being invited to this club. Name me one person on the left who hates America. Straw man, arise! And of course no liberal commentator would make the comments he suggests. Why? Because no one on the legitimate left hates anyone. We just want them the hell out of office!

And this:
But my commenter SSheil put it nicely:

I think this post (and several others relating to the same topic) is illustrative of what I see is generally the largest difference between blogs on the right and left. As with Rick’s blog, most blogs on the right are not shy of taking our leaders, writers and speakers who represent the Right to task when they individually or collectively “step on their d*cks.”

When was the last time you saw one of Ted Kennedy’s incoherent rants brought to task by Kos kids or readers over at DU? Or Pelosi? Or Dean? Or Durbin?
Where are you looking? Clearly not Kos, where Dem pols are raked over the coals every day. Clearly not Atrios, FireDogLake, or any other popular left leaning blogs. They all proudly criticise the "leaders" of the Democratic party.

On the other hand, Limbaugh, Hewitt, AssRocket, PowerTools, the usual idiots, never loose their lips from dear leader's sphincter long enough to criticise. It's party line all the time.

Rick, you own Coulter. She says what you are too emasculated to say, she gives voice to what your base believes. If someone criticises GWBush, they have to be reviled, marginalised, shunned. Dissent is not allowed. And rather than open dialog, you resort to the kind of insults that sometimes even you find unattractive.

But make no mistake about it. Ann Coulter is the face of the Radical Right. Here's my evidence, from some of your commentors:
I think that Coulter has a point. Just as Sheehan has reveled in her son’s death, so have some of these women. Many are affiliated with Code Pink and other outrageous groups. Burlingame on the other hand, doesn’t self identify by any group affiliations and misuse her status as a widow to promote these groups’ causes. Burlingame speaks for herself on her own beliefs not with the groupthink espoused by Sheehan and the other moonbats.

I don’t think you’re quite getting her tact, wit and methodology.

The left typically have plenty of personal anger. Never seen any in Coulter. Seen her angry and incensed about things while simultaneously quite lacking in the internal ugly anger that is so often vomited at her by those that hate her. And you got to love her response: a chuckle.

Rick – you are putting too many words into what she says – you are not being reasonable. If the widow happens to enjoy a new car bought by the compensation due her husband, would it be wrong to make a factual statement that she actually enjoys driving a new car without accusing the speaker or the widow of insensitivity? Is the speaker saying that she does not grieve her husband? Is the speaker saying that she caused the death of her husband to gain a car? Stop seeing monsters in the clouds. This is the kind of narrow rationality the language-obsessed meaning-challenged cultural leftists use to make argument, IMO

So what is Coulter is the dragon-woman and the flamethrower. For heavan’s sake there is a multitude of whackier ones on the left. As dumb as the left thinks we are, I mean we know the diff when Ann is rolling in the frags grenades for effect. And frankly, in spite of her take no prisoners style, she’s often not that far off mark. And it’s delightful to see the lefties pulling out their hair out and about to absolutely go into hysteria when she run’s a few magazines of rhetorical tracers into their sensitive litlle ego’s. They can dish it out, but can’t take it. I note she hasn’t been invited back on to Maher’s show after tap dancing on his head and the his atheist-left audience.

I am usually fairly moderate except when we speak about some of these moonbats and the MSM. Their aim is always the same. Destroy the country and in particular attack the WH and military. This group is no different. They did NOT conduct themselves as widows. So you say how does a widow conduct themselves? That we can not attack back because of their statis?

That is precisely Coulter’s point. They put an old man that that served in the military out as their mouthpiece. He says on TV that our guys “killed in cold blood”. How do you ignore that fool? They send a CIA husband out to call the President a liar but you can NOT answer the lies because he can hide behind CIA. They sent these Jersey Black Widows and they sat on my TV almost everyday…...forever…..trashing the WH. They appeared as TV stars of our foreign policy. We have to sit with our mouths shut BECAUSE they are WIDOWS. Another example was their own grieving mom that was supposed to have the “absolute moral authority” to speak for all of us. This is what you wrote (Rick) about Sheehan on 9/16/05.

This is your Party. This is YOU! Whine and waffle all you want, it doesn't matter. These Radical Right true believers support Coulter, and GWBush, and Rumsfeld, and, well, the list goes on.

Rick, I'm sure you think yourself a decent fellow, but when you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.

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