Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Been dazed and confused for so long its not true

Are you stupid, or are you just dumb? Dazed & confused? A comment found at a popular Progressive blog:
Go ahead and elect the self admitted Muslim and see what happens with this country. You think we are in trouble now, wait until the most liberal senator starts implementing his social programs. I can"t wait to see how he does this. Hrmm, lower taxes for 95% of Americans and then spend like no other President before on new and existing social programs. I think Mr. Obama might want to take Economics 101 at the local community college before he makes promises that he obviously can"t keep. Also Mr. Hussein, I mean Mr. Obama is under the dissolution that we are not in a war with terrorists. Take our eye of that for just a couple of seconds and see where they strike next. You can say whatever you want about our current President but he has kept us safe on American soil and he doesn"t get the credit he deserves.

Wow. Just OMFG wow. Hopefully this person can't reproduce.