Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Into the valley of Death, Rode the six five hundred.

500th U.S. service member dies in Afghanistan

Twenty-two U.S. service members were killed in Afghanistan in August, part of a recent increase in American deaths there. In June, 28 U.S. service members died in Afghanistan -- the United States' highest one-month total in that country.

Including deaths from the United States' coalition partners, 46 service members were killed in August, equaling the coalition total for June. Forty-six is the highest one-month total for coalition forces.
But that's just 'us', what about 'them'?
UN backs Afghan civilian deaths claims

The US-led coalition has acknowledged that five civilians - two women and three children - were killed in the air strikes in Herat.

An Afghan investigation has already found that the strikes killed 90 civilians.

Now the human rights team with the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan says it has found convincing evidence that 90 civilians were killed in the attack, including 60 children.
It shouldn't need repeating, but as I've said before, if you use air strikes in a civilian populated area to kill alleged extremists ... let's just say the cure is worse than the disease.

Here's a math question: How many lives of innocent civilians are worth the life of a 'terrorist?' Follow up: How many 'terrorists' are created from their surviving family members when you kill innocent people?
Your time is up, put down your pencils. (Note to Bushco; next time show work.)

While Americans, and our media, are distracted by the dog & pony donkey & elephant show this is a reminder of the blood that's shed for their bread & circuses.

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