Monday, September 15, 2008

Here's 50 million dollars - go'n leave us alone (Do U wanna, do U wanna - golden parachute)

Evidence continues to mount: If you want something to fail, you hire someone who knows how to fail. GWBush has done this throughout is mal-administration.

Carly Fiorina's presidency of HP (Hewlett-Packard) was an Epic Fail. Yet in another example of right-wing economics, she was rewarded with a Golden Parachute valued at $42 million.

Marcy says today:
John McCain and Sarah Palin both came out today to condemn CEOs who get golden parachutes. Here's McCain:
We will stop multimillion dollar payouts to CEO’s who have broken the public trust.

And here's Palin:
We're going to reform the way Wall Street does business and stop multimillion-dollar payouts and golden parachutes to CEOs who break the public trust.

Seems to me McCain could put that campaign promise into effect right away. One of his top advisors, Carly Fiorina, who laid off 20,000 HP workers, oversaw huge losses, and engaged in corporate spying. Sure sounds like she "broke the public trust" to me. And for her troubles, HP gave her $21.4 million in severance pay, plus another $21.1 million in stock options and other benefits.

Over $42 million for--as John McCain describes it--breaking the public trust.

Call John McCain's campaign at (703) 418-2008 and demand that McCain stand by his promise to stop this practice. Ask him to demand this his campaign advisor, Carly Fiorina, give back her loot to HP's stockholders.


Marcy & I have started a Facebook group: Make McCain Close Carly's Golden Parachute.

Please join, wake the neighbors, tell the kids. We'd like to get other bloggers, and anybody else on board, who think that McCain and the Republicans surrounding him are hypocrites.