Monday, September 29, 2008

Waterloo - I was defeated, you won the war

Chuck Todd just now on MSNBC:
Washington is broken, the public now sees it. And John McCain is defending the status quo.

And the Whiny-Ass-Titty-Baby Republicans are mad because Grandma Pelosi hurt their feelings:

Look, the moderate Republicans, the White House, and McCain all bet the farm on this bill. But the ideological Repubs who love them some Free Market™ sank this bill like the Titanic. McCain rode to the rescue like Alexander The Great. Instead he slinks away like Napoleon after Waterloo.

If this bill was supposed to save the free world, don't you think the entire "Party Of Lincoln(sic)" would have voted AYE?

But because Nancy was mean to them, they voted for the destruction of the entire known universe?

Bastards. It was a bad bill, they're bad guys, with a soft gooey ideological center.

Just for fun, here's Waterloo: