Wednesday, April 08, 2009

'Cause I can play this here guitar, Pt. 27

Once I discovered electric guitar, I would watch anyone play, anytime. My family was very much into the pop music of the times, and sadly that didn't include a lot of guitar. Except for 2 TV shows: Town Hall Party, and Lawrence Welk. The '50s and early '60s may have been Golden Ages of Rock, but not according to media of the time.

We'll talk more about Town Hall Party later, but this is about Lawrence Welk and his guitarists: Buddy Merrill & Neil LeVang. While working within the confines of Welk's limited musical palette, they played some bad-ass guitar.

Here's Buddy:

Here's Neil:

Here are both of them together shredding the Green Hornet theme:

And here they both are playing a duet of the previous "San Antonio Rose":