Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's gonna be alright

"Hey everybody, how ya doin' tonight? Say, have you checked out that Twitter thingie? Do ya tweet? I mean, what is there to say in just 140 characters? I mean, my mom takes that many letters to say how much she hat. . ."

OK, all fooling aside. I enjoy teh™ Twitter, and have it linked to my Facebook page. I check every few days to see who might be 'following' me anew. As I mentioned a while back, I was surprised to find I was being followed by Karl Rove, after I had followed him. Clearly he doesn't read anything I tweet, he must automatically follow anyone who follows him. Thus, I am in rare company with only 25,000 or so of Karl's closest friends.

I checked tonight and saw that I was being followed by a man named Herb Meyer, whose bio said:
Herb Meyer, formerly a senior intelligence official for President Reagan, now helps people understand what's happening in the world.

Interesting. Can't recall the name, but let's see what's up. He lists his website as stormkingpress.com, which sounds vaguely Teutonic and creepy, perhaps a little close to StormFront. So I started reading some of Mr. Meyer's essays, and that's when it all became perfectly clear:
On the other side of this culture war are the Left-Wing Liberals. They are uncomfortable with our traditions, with the inevitable inequalities of our free-market economy, and with our military power. They dislike our values, our morality, and our unabashed displays of patriotism. At first -- back in the 1960s -- they were content merely to develop and pursue their own radical culture within ours. They tuned out, turned to drugs, and pushed the level of sexual license to a point our country had never known. They were so distressed by our imperfections that they refused to recognize or celebrate our achievements.

Then they tuned in, and developed a political agenda whose logical outcome would be the overthrow of the American Revolution itself. While we believe that power flows from God to the people, they believe the supreme power is the State, which decides what rights, if any, should be allowed to the people. And because there is no God above the State, there also is no truth; no such thing as right or wrong, good or evil. Since they are working to do good -- by their definition of the word -- whatever crimes they commit along the way don't matter. But if we are bent on doing what they define as harm, they will use any legal trick in the book to stop us. In short, the rule of law means whatever they want it to mean at any given moment.

They believe that rights are more important than responsibilities, that groups are more important than individuals, and that one's stand on public issues is more important than one's private actions or morality. And while they are careful never to condone the tactics of our country's foreign enemies, they always see some justification in our enemies' cause. They don't actually want us to be defeated by our foreign enemies; they wish merely to see us humbled and humiliated by them.

Yeah. About that. Straw man, anyone?

I won't belabor the point, Mr. Meyer is clearly not in a frame of mine to debate or discuss. I'll just hope that his failed logic and ideology will sink slowly into the sunset. As it should have back in 1968 when it had any relevance.

Oh, and I didn't 'Follow' him either. Waste of space/bandwidth. Kinda like Rove.