Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I walk away, walk away, I will follow

(U2-I Will Follow)

All the kidz™ know about Teh Twitter, where you can send updates to your team, and can follow peoplez to see what they are Tweeting about.

Well, I was checking out a well-known pundit/blogger, seeing who she was following, and it was an interesting group. Mostly lefty bloggers, as well as news people, but some big-time Righty folks, including the lovely and talented, impish and cute, Karl Rove.

So I clicked on the "Follow" button, to see what Mr. Rove might be tweeting, figuring that it would be interesting as oppo research.

Imagine my surprise when I checked Twitter today, and discovered the aforementione Mr. Rove was now following me!:
Karl Rove KarlRove / Karl Rove You are following KarlRove

Wow. I'm not sure whether to feel like part of the in-crowd, or run screaming for the showers. All I can say is that technology can be a great equaliser.