Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm a loser, And I'm not what I appear to be

Norm Coleman, ex-senator from Minnesota, yesteryear:
Coleman Declares Victory In MN

Coleman declared himself the winner of Tuesday's election, but Franken said he would let the recount play out, hoping it would erase the incumbent's 475-vote lead out of nearly 2.9 million ballots.
"Yesterday the voters spoke. We prevailed," Coleman said Wednesday at a news conference. He noted Franken could opt to waive the recount.

"It's up to him whether such a step is worth the tax dollars it will take to conduct," Coleman said, telling reporters he would "step back" if he were in Franken's position.
Coleman lawyers blast judges

After two adverse rulings, Coleman team says panel has created a "legal quagmire."

Norm Coleman's lawyers reacted to a pair of adverse rulings by accusing the judges hearing the suit of creating "a legal quagmire" and a "fatal inconsistency" by refusing to consider some rejected absentee ballots that resemble others that have already been counted.
Well Norm, actually Franken couldn't 'opt out', it was state law, people can't opt out of laws, (unless they're in the Bush administration.) And now that you're behind, and the state is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and you and the RNC are spending millions, shouldn't you step back, step off the bus, step under the bus?

BTW, Norm's last hope is to have the US Supremes do a Bush v. Gore. Since that decision was declared at the time a one time decision it probably won't happen.

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