Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yeah you shook me all night long

In blogger trivia, many fine blogs (and this one too!) use Haloscan as a comment engine, for a bunch of reasons: editing, managing etc., far better than standard Blogger comments.

Unfortunately, Haloscan blows up occasionally, and no comments can be made. That happened tonight. Thankfully, the clever folks over there managed to subdue and tame the ornery code, and all is once again well.

Also, in other behind-the-scenes stuff, we, like other bloggers, make use of a great website & service called Blogrolling to, you know, maintain the blogroll. Without that, one has to hand-code each entry into the blogroll in the Blogger template. Not hard, but tedious. Blogrolling places a bit of code in our template that, when you load our page, calls the blogroll from their database, and places it on the page. Unfortunately, they got hacked and severely damaged a while back, and are only now ready to go back live in a few days. When that happens, we can add some fine new additions to the blogroll.

People blog, as well as build these great utility sites like this for fun, for free, out of passion. How cool is that! Blogging has changed the world. Well, a little bit.

Now, since you've read this far, you deserve a treat: music.

There are some songs and recordings that are perfect, regardless of genre. This is one of them:

I did some work for these guy on their 1983 (Flick of the Switch) tour, and worked with this drummer, Chris Slade, a bit earlier in '82 when he was touring with Gary Numan. All nice folks.

Of course, several other groups recorded their own version of Willie Dixon's song "You Shook Me", which were very different than Acca Dacca's.

Here's Jeff Beck with Rod Stewart, back when Rod mattered:

And here are some guys called Zed Leppelin(?)

Addendum by The Sailor: And here, as far as I can tell, is the original. From Wikipedia:"You Shook Me" is a blues song written by Willie Dixon and J. B. Lenoir. Earl Hooker first recorded it as an instrumental which was then overdubbed with vocals by Muddy Waters in 1962.

The single featured Muddy Waters on vocals, J.T Brown Ernest Cotton on tenor saxophone, Johnny "Big Moose" Walker on organ, Earl Hooker on guitar, Willie Dixon on bass, and Casey Jones on drums.