Monday, February 02, 2009

You would never break the chain

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My good friends skippy, Jon Swift, and Blue Gal, have organized Blogroll Amnesty Day:
there is a long and dark history behind the perverse bitterness motivations that bring us to celebrate this day, which involves the severing of links that had been supporting certain people since blogtopia consisted entirely of glenn reynolds, silfay hraka, and megan mcardle working under another name.

we shall not delve into that morass of exclusion here (and markos and duncan shall remain nameless). suffice to say, if you really want to know the skinny behind why we believe liberals should be liberal in linking policy, please read the origins issue over @ jon swift.

tho the original blogroll amnesty day was first bludgeoned upon bloggers on feb. 3, we are taking this entire weekend thru next tuesday to celebrate, connect, rejoice, and generally extoll everyone to link to each other.

the basic rule for blogroll amnesty day weekend is simply this: take a moment to write a post linking to (and pointing out to your readers) 5 blogs w/traffic smaller than yours. this inclusive and magnanimous yet easy-to-do gesture will not only expose your readers to new voices and those voices to new readers, it will foster a sense of community, support and all-around kumbaya amongst the progressive infrastructure.

In fact, Blue Gal has put together this wonderful video explaining everything:

So here are my contributions to helping elevate some blogs to higher readership. These are really great folks, who offer original writing and viewpoints, and you really should check them out:
Dr. Sardonicus: Good politics, features some really great music insights, too.

Busted Knuckles: Cranky poet, scatological observer of the world.

Teh Kitteh: It's really teh kitteh's world, we just live in it.

The Impolitic: Libby is always worth reading.

Night Bird's Fountain: Good group blog, always worth reading.

So there you have it. Patronize your local businesses, support like-minded bloggers, and We Shall Overcome.

Or something.

(Fleetwood Mac-The Chain)