Saturday, May 19, 2007

Don't tell me your lies, lies, lies...

(David Iglesias on Real Time with Bill Maher)

Several in the bloggersphere have already written about today's LATimes article and interview with David Iglesias, fired U.S. Attorney:
Rogers, Iglesias recalled, had pressed him in 2004 and then again just before the 2006 election to push for voter fraud convictions in the state. Iglesias said he was so concerned about the propriety of the preelection get-together with Rogers that he asked a colleague from the office to join him as a witness.

. . . Unbeknownst to Iglesias, a few months before that lunch, Rogers and another Republican attorney from New Mexico, Mickey Barnett, had complained about Iglesias at the Justice Department in Washington. The session was arranged with the assistance of the department's then-White House liaison, Monica M. Goodling, and an aide to White House political strategist Karl Rove, according to e-mails released recently by congressional investigators.

As Iglesias says, "all roads lead to Rove.

It occurs to me that the current strategy of Support for Gonzales in the administration, and the seeming criticism by a few Repub. Senators might just be strategery.

After all, if they attack the ventriliquist's dummy, they'll likely not attack the ventriliquist himself. And we know who that is. Could it be it's all "shiny objects" meant to distract Dems?

And this quote from LATimes reporter Tom Hamburger rankles:
In fact, both major parties work assiduously to interpret election laws in their favor, particularly in battleground states where elections can be decided by thin margins.

Proof, Tom, proof. Everything reported about Republican's actions in the last 4 major elections indicates a deep-seated antipathy to law, and a desire to minimize Democratic votes by any means possible: Choicepoint/SCOTUS in FL, Blackwell, Diebold in OH, phone jamming in New Hampshire, etc.

Show me the corresponding Democratic shenanigans . . . Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.