Thursday, May 10, 2007

Smoke on the water, fire in the sky

(Rick Loomis / LAT)

Damn it to Hell. First Griffith Park, now Avalon:
A fast-moving fire swept across Santa Catalina Island this evening, charred hundreds of acres, entered Avalon and forced residents and guests to seek safety or flee the tourist area.

More than 4,000 acres had been consumed by the blaze that began in the center of the island, fed on dry vegetation and was pushed south and east by fierce winds. The destruction was expected to grow, said Los Angeles County fire Capt. Ron Haralson in a telephone interview.

Another view:

I can't help be mindful of musical references. First, the Deep Purple song referenced in the title:

Roxy Music: Avalon

The original Avalon (I Left My Heart In...)

And The Four Preps: Santa Catalina (26 Miles)

(Note: Not embedded. Clicking on pic will take you to YouTube)