Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spread the news and help the word go round.

Steve Gilliard of The News Blog has taken a bad turn. Here's the latest from his co-blogger Jen:
Gilly is NOT doing well. He backslid last week, just as an overzealous (and cost-conscious) hospital was trying to push him out of the ICU and in to rehab well before he was ready.

He could barely move his "good" arm and couldn't close his left hand, which would both be mandatory for him to feed himself. In addition, he just wasn't ready to sit upright for hours at a time yet.

On top of that, his hospital was trying to farm him out to other centers if he wasn't going to go into rehab immediately. Again, I offered all assistance to his Mom, but I can't force anything on her. night about 4 nights ago, he had complications with an infection--very serious stuff; that's all I'll say for now. When I got to finally see him-now back in the full bunnysuit ICU, he looked and WAS worse than ever before. He's not going anywhere for a while. He's suffering from a system-wide infection, heavily sedated, and hooked up to more tubes than a plumbing supply store carries.

In short, a full recovery is pretty much out of the question. Getting out of the hospital PERIOD is an unknown percentage also, one that can't be ignored.

I don't know any other way to say this: He may not make it.

I hope that one day he laughs at me for even positing this. But the day when he'll be anywhere near communicative, nevermind near a computer, is very far off.

Whatever spirituality you embrace, please send good thoughts or prayers for Steve tonight. He's an origilan blogger, and an original voice.