Friday, May 25, 2007

Your circuit's dead, theres something wrong

My local Democratic activist group is holding a Circuit City protest:
Circuit City Protest on Sunday
In front of the Woodland Hills store, 6401 Canoga Avenue at Victory, 10:00 am on Sunday

Please join the San Fernando Valley Young Democrats, California Young Democrats, Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, Valley Grassroots for Democracy, Valley Dems United, Stonewall Young Democrats, the Jewish Labor Committee, Stonewall Democratic Club, Democratic Women of the San Fernando Valley, and other supporters of workers.

Circuit City recently fired 3400 of its most experienced employees because they were paid an average of $11.59/hour. They are being invited to reapply for their old jobs--at about $8/hour. Meanwhile the CEO made $8.5 million last year.

Please arrive early and BRING A SIGN! (Also water, sunscreen, snacks, etc.) Come show your support for fired workers and encourage consumers to take their business elsewhere! More information about the Circuit City boycott can be found at

Indeed. This is Truth, Justice, and the America Way: unfettered capitalism and trade, no union organization, the result being stocks go up, CEO salaries go up, worker wages go down.

Please, don't ever shop at Circuit City again.

P.S.: anyone who actually reads the fine print in the image will note that at the time it was taken, CC was breaking several laws with that DVD copying service. Nice.