Saturday, May 19, 2007

You're headed right in the wrong direction if you wanna come home

Shaun Mullen over at Kiko's House has this on the 3 American soldiers currently missing in Iraq:
Stiff upper lips are the order of the day, but commanders of the 6,000 troops hunting for three missing U.S. soldiers in the Triangle of Death are clearly worried that nothing has been heard about the men -- no communiques, no videos, nothing -- since the initial Al Qaeda statement that it had the men shortly after they were ambushed and four colleagues and an Iraqi Army interpreter were killed six days ago.

Shaun goes on with bios of the of the soldiers, both the dead
from the attack last week and missing afterward. Here's just one:
Anthony J. Schober, 23, Reno, Nevada (killed): The sergeant joined the Army four and a half years ago to fight the Talaban(sic) after the 9/11 attacks, but went straight to Iraq out of boot camp. He was on his third tour there and was leading the squad that was ambushed.

Schober's platoon leader described him as a "tall, goofy kind of guy" with incredible energy and a powerful sense of humor.

Joined the Army to fight The Taliban, instead sent to die in Iraq. That, in a nutshell, describes the entire Global War On Terror™ as defined by GWBush and the Right today.

Read the entire post. Sad, so sad.