Sunday, May 20, 2007

I want to fly like an eagle til I'm free

(AP Photo/John Marquette)

John Ashcroft, he of the hidden boobies and "Let The Eagle Soar" fame, must find it all so amusing now that he's being lionized by the left as the last Decent Republican™ by the WaPo:
Testimony last week that a hospitalized Ashcroft rebuffed aides to President Bush intent on gaining Ashcroft's approval of a surveillance program he had deemed illegal provided a rare view of the inner workings of the early Bush presidency and the depth of internal disagreement over how far to go in responding to the threat of terrorism after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

According to former officials, it was not the only time that the former Missouri senator chosen for the Bush Cabinet in part for his ties to the Christian right would challenge the White House in private.

Thankfully, Jeralyn at Talk Left is grounded in reality:
. . . he was just as abominable as an Attorney General, and in my opinion, more so than Alberto Gonzales.

From his push on the Patriot Act, to his initiating warrantless monitoring of attorney-client conversations, to his many failed terrorism cases, his connection to Abu Ghraib, his insistence on prosecuting medical marijuana cases even in states that had legalized it, his attempt to keep tabs on federal judges, his belief that the undocumented could be held indefinitely and most spectacularly, his crusade to increase the use of the death penalty in federal cases, over the objections of his own prosectors and a federal judge, he should not be re-evaluated for his one moment of lucidity.

He was the worst Attorney General ever.

Thanks for that slap of reality.

And here's a medley of his greatest hit: "Let The Eagle Soar":