Thursday, May 03, 2007

hey - ugly man, what's the plan?

Highlights from the USA Today Republican Debate live-blog:

Would they support government finding of embryonic stem-cell research, a cause pushed by former first lady Nancy Reagan (their host at the debate)?

• Mitt Romney: No
• Sen. Sam Brownback: No. "It is not necessary to kill a human life" for the research.
• Jim Gilmore: No.
• Mike Huckabee: No.
• Rep. Duncan Hunter: No.
• Tommy Thompson: "You cannot answer that question yes or no."
• Sen. John McCain: Yes, though "it's a tough issue for those of us in the pro-life community."
• Rep. Ron Paul: No. "Programs like this are not authorized under the Constitution."
• Rudy Giuliani: Yes, "as long as we're not creating life to destroy it."
• Rep. Tom Tancredo: No. The research is "morally reprehensible."


Asked if a private employer should be able to fire an employee who is a homosexual, Tommy Thompson said such decisions should be left to the employer. "So your answer is yes?" moderator John Harris of The Politico asked. "Yes," Thompson said.