Saturday, May 12, 2007

Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see

Shorter RightWingNuthouse (sorry, Elton, for cribbing your style):
The whole Iraq War was really stupid, the administration blew it, but the Dems are just whiners to complain.

Seriously, this idiot deludes himself into thinking he's a reasonable Right-winger by circular logic and denial.

Like this:

But if we are not willing to do what is necessary to win, then the only sane, moral course of action is to bring the troops home as fast as humanly possible. Such a humiliation should not result in a single additional death or injury to the men and women who have performed so bravely and selflessly in the face of blunder after blunder by their superiors.

When I wrote those words in August of 2006, I hoped that the Bush Administration would react to the dire situation that had developed the previous six months in the country as a result of the bombing of the sacred Shia shrine in Samarra.

Of course, having said that, and in light of the bills being passed by the Democrats and vetoed by Dear Leader, he says this:
And the Democrats helpfully supplied that sign yesterday with their draconian “cut and run” bill – an up or down vote on funding the entire war, not just the surge. An astonishing 177 Democrats voted for it (and two Republicans). To say that this bill was the most irresponsible piece of legislation yet proposed by the Democrats doesn’t really matter. At this point, doing the responsible thing is not in the forefront of what passes for thinking by either party. Republicans want out. Democrats want to start sharpening their knives for the inevitable hearings on the Hill that will fix blame for this debacle squarely where it belongs – on the President and his subordinates.

So it's not really about Iraq at all, I guess, it's just the mean ol' Dems attacking Fearless Leader, and we can't have any politicking now, can we?
I might add that even though the bill was irresponsible, it was about time that the Democrats put their money where their mouths have been for 4 years. It took some political courage to bring that measure up for a vote and Pelosi should be commended for doing so.

Talk about damning with faint praise...try to pass this legislation and you're evil, but I applaud your spine for trying? Please.

For now however, our concentration should be on getting the troops redeployed with a minimum of casualties. They have earned far more than our respect and thanks in these difficult years. They have earned our fierce admiration. They have done all that has been asked of them with a dedication and professionalism that has been awe inspiring. And the sacrifices they and their families have been forced to make have been born with a singular fidelity to the highest traditions of military service.

And in order to validate their service and sacrifice, we must examine every action taken by our military and political leaders that has led us to this point and make sure that history holds those accountable who failed both them and the United States in this conflict. There will be other battles in this war. Learning the lessons from this fiasco will make sure that we will win through to ultimate victory in this war against Islamic extremism.

So because I say redeploy, I'm noble. But when the Dems say it, they're traitors. And let's look at the actions of the leaders, because, who knows, maybe they did something wrong, but only if I say so.

And death to Islamofascists.

Look, you have whined for years that GWBush's Excellent Adventure might be going wrong, while lashing out at any on my side of the aisle who opined similarly. You call for bi-partisan discussion and slam my side for trying to discuss.

Face it, pal. You were wrong, you're still mostly wrong, and you're finally coming around to the right side of the argument. Realize that most of us have been here all along, waiting for the Children Of The Right™ to grow up.

Glad to meet you, we're the adults.