Sunday, June 24, 2007

I will say the only words I know that you'll understand

Funniest thing I've read all day. From RightWingNuthouse:
If you haven’t already, stop by Michelle Malkin’s new look blog. And while you’re there, register to comment.

Yours truly will be handling comment moderating duties. I would also encourage some of the saner lefties who comment here (and you know who you are) to register at Michelle’s. She would especially welcome thoughtful liberals in her comments section.

Um, no, not really. That's this Michelle Malkin:

Supporting racial profiling

"And, um, all I will say is that I think that -- that, uh, these -- these, uh, uh, categorizations: Race, ethnicity, religion, etc., shouldn't be taken off the table. And I'll tell you -- you've got these civil liberties hypocrites -- these liberal hypocrites ... who have no problem using these classifications if it means that, uh, they can have diversity in police departments or fire departments or to, uh, affect and socially engineer, uh, a campus." [8/11/04]

Defending WWII internment camps

"I think that, based on the military intelligence and legal assessments at the time, the Roosevelt administration did the best that it could do [interning Japanese-Americans]. [8/9/04]

Attacked Transportation Secretary Mineta: WWII internment "clouded" his views

"[If] the Bush administration wants to do one single concrete thing, it could get rid of [Transportation Secretary] Norm[an Y.] Mineta, who embodies this problem. He is somebody who experienced the evacuation during World War II. He was evacuated to a camp in Heart Mountain, Wyoming. And it has clouded, it has absolutely clouded his view of what needs to be done now." [8/11/04]