Sunday, June 17, 2007

NRSC Internet Campaign Guide

The National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee has issued a new Internet Campaign Guide that Democrats need to read as well.

The snazzy new publication The Politico is on the case:

And btw, the mainstream media are so, uh, 2006. The first stop for press secretaries, according to the guidebook, should be bloggers who can create "buzz" and inevitably trigger stories in the drippy MSM.
. . . .
Open the campaign checkbook. Hire at least one staff member, but hopefully three, to lasso the wild Web. Basically, the Internet can't be a payroll afterthought. Campaigns must have people who constantly update the website, manage postings on YouTube and MySpace, and monitor the hundreds, if not thousands, of chattering bloggers.
. . . .
Make blogs your first point of contact. It used to be that campaigns checked in with newspaper reporters, then everybody else. Now, friendly blogs should be the first point of contact.
Go read the whole piece here; and read excerpts from the Guide itself here.