Sunday, June 03, 2007

Put me in, coach, I'm ready to play

I started this little blog almost 3 years ago. I wanted to convince the world that it was largely wrong about . . . you know, stuff. Stuff like, GWBush was a compassionate conservative who had America's best interest in his heart. And the Neo-conservative movement was just an interesting bunch of intellectuals who would never influence foreign policy. Oh, and I wanted to talk about music in a way I hadn't seen many others do. So in short, I wanted to show the world my genius. Sheesh, what an idiot!

At first, it was all about me, and what I wanted to say. Pam, at my urging, wrote a couple of really great posts, but she finally convinced me that writing wasn't her thing. Interestingly, at the last super-secret L.A. Blogger's Party meeting, several folks there urged her to run for office, because in so many ways, she's a star. When she gets going, the rhetoric, the logic, the charm, all come together in a potent display of "that which can not be taught, you have to be born with it". When I write here, I plod, like a passionate semi-intellectual, while when she speaks, she soars in ways only a great guitarist or orator can understand.

Anyway, I finally came to the realization that I needed some pinch hitting; more input, more brains, and more writing here at the ol' SteveAudio blog. And so, like many of the most successful blogs on the intertubes, I've invited some fine people to join me here, in hopes that our combined effort will Save The World. Or something. 2 are accomplished bloggers with their own places, the third is an amazingly witty guy.

Let me introduce you to the Three Amigos, WinterMute, The Sailor, and Dancin' Dave:

"Wintermute," a Memphis, Tennessee, blogger on law, politics, music, culture, and the science of sex, is a criminal defense attorney and Harvard undergraduate former hippie who took his moniker from the artificial intelligence character in Neuromancer.

The Sailor is a sailor by avocation, a researcher in the medical field by vocation. Before my current career I spent 20 years as a live and recording engineer in the music industry. Music taught me talent is useless without soul. Sailing taught me it's the journey and not the destination. Research taught me to question everything, especially authority. I try to bring cold logic, a warm heart and superheated snark to my writings. Occasionally I succeed.

Dancin' Dave
Born: 47 years ago in Canada (became legal U.S. resident after losing the "eh!")
Occupation: Sales Engineer and overall annoying brother-in-law
Achievements: I'm the one who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp (but I'm not the one who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong).
Status: Married with two children, two chickens, one tortoise and several earwigs.
Personal quote: My views may not be yours, nor your views be mine, nor may mine be right, or yours necessarily wrong, but a view is still a view, or at least it was until the neighbor's trees grew too high and blocked it, but with all the smog who could ever see the mountains anyway, which depending on one's point of view wouldn't make a difference unless one's view of a view is that the view has to be worthy to view if... I forgot what I was talking about. Wasn't it something to do with Dubya wanting amnesty for illegals so he's not the only one in this country who doesn't speak English?

These guys are all great writers, and great people, too. I really welcome them here, and now: "Play Ball!"