Monday, June 04, 2007

Take Me To The River

First, thanks to SteveAudio for honoring me with the invitation to post here. I'll start off light.

Some friends of mine went to England last year to do a show at the Barbican, the London arts center, as part of a Memphis music retrospective put on by Robert Gordon, author of It Came From Memphis.

I just ran across what may be a cell phone video of one number in that show featuring Syl Johnson, who cut "Take Me To The River" at Hi Records before Al Green. The music comes through pretty fine, though. Give it a spin. The musicians left to right are: Marvell Thomas (Rufus' son); Teenie Hodges, who co-wrote the song with Al Green; Syl Johnson; an English jazz trumpet player from London; Lannie McMillan; Steve Potts; Leroy Hodges; and Archie Turner (aka Hubbie Mitchell). Enjoy.