Wednesday, June 13, 2007

She Doan Remember ... or ... They Aren't Reborn, They're Hatched

The latest case of Sgt Schultz* disease in the Bush admin has Lurita Doan claiming 'I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing! Noooottthhing!'

But that defense didn't work for the GSA:
Hard penalty advised for GSA chief

The head of the General Services Administration should be "punished to the fullest extent" for violating a ban on political advocacy on government time, a watchdog agency has concluded.

The Office of Special Counsel, in a letter to President Bush, said GSA chief Lurita Alexis Doan engaged in "the most pernicious of political activity" banned by the 1939 Hatch Act when she asked, at a meeting of agency political appointees, how they could help GOP candidates.

"I recommend that Administrator Doan be disciplined to the fullest extent for her serious violation of the Hatch Act and insensitivity to cooperating fully and honestly in the course of our investigation," wrote Special Counsel Scott J. Bloch.
So she broke the law and lied for Bush.

I see a Meddle in Honor in her future.

(* No offense meant to the actor John Banner who played Sgt. Schultz. Mr. Banner, who was Jewish, fled Austria in 1938 just ahead of the Nazis. It is said that the best revenge is living well. Maybe a better one is to live well making fun of those that would not have let you lived at all.)

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