Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Closer, Let me whisper in your ear, Say the words you long to hear

"General Foresees Troops Coming Home"
Does anyone really buy into all this anymore? Does anyone really think the Iraqi army/police/government will ever come close to being able to pull it all together and hold up against the forces of corruption, religious battles and just plain ineptitude? Does anyone at all see this as a "winnable" war? And how, exactly, would one "win" it? Who are we fighting?

I mean, really? "Terrorists", as Bush is quick to tell us? Aren't terrorists basically scattered all over the globe? There's no one country called "TerrorLand". How does killing a bunch of them who happen to be in Iraq right now, in the long run, ultimately protect us (Bush's main selling point), when there is probably an endless supply all around waiting to take their place?

Wouldn't they pretty much be able to walk in our backdoor through our weakly guarded borders and set up shop anytime they wanted right now, as Bush is willing to trade off on that to keep the supply of cheap labor streaming in for his corporate pals?

Does anyone actually believe that when we pull out of Iraq, no matter when that will be, that the whole place won't collapse like the dike the little dutch kid finally pulled his finger out of?
Hard to kick the winning field goal when the goalposts keep moving. If there were ever any real goalposts to begin with.

Who else thinks that this is all part of a big "stalling" game by this administration, just wanting to hold things together long enough to step down and leave the inevitable big "CRRAAASSHHHH!!!" for the next administration to deal with, in an attempt to side step blame for it? "Hey, it didn't happen on my watch." Prick.

Same thing for the economy, which is being held together with smoke and mirrors and Chinese money, which will leave a deficit large enough to choke a few trillion horses by the time Bush & Co. are through.

And that, I think, is the most frustrating part of it all. He'll probably succeed in holding things at bay until he, like fellow weasels Rove and Gonzales (who took the early train out of town), has scurried off to a safe distance away from the collapse of the house of cards that he balanced for eight years.

"Mission accomplished".

As Steve would say...Bastard.

[graphics by Dancin' Dave]