Saturday, September 29, 2007

She never said that we would, curse, cry and scream and lie

A senior leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq was killed in a US air strike in Iraq this week, a US military commander said Friday, calling it a key loss to a group already fractured by US operations.
"Abu Usama al-Tunisi was one of the most senior leaders within Al-Qaeda in Iraq," said Anderson, the chief of staff of Multi-National Corps Iraq.

The general said the September 25 strike that killed al-Tunisi was a "significant blow" to al Qaeda in Iraq, which he said has been severely disrupted by US operations and may now be reassessing its position in Iraq.
Yet on the very same day:
A wave of bombings and shootings swept Iraq yesterday, killing at least 50 persons and raising fears that al Qaeda has begun a promised new offensive. The U.S. military acknowledged that violence was on the upswing and blamed it on the terrorist movement.
Isn't it amazing what disrupted, fractured, and leaderless people can do if they just put their mines to it.