Tuesday, September 11, 2007

With a little help from my friends

3 years ago today I started this thing. I had been reading political blogs for some time, and suddenly I had the realization that it was a medium available for everyone, including me.

It really had little to do with the date, but rather with the frustration that I felt in the run up to the 2004 election. Of course, I believed that election would go the other way, and that the unnatural disaster that is GWBush would be turned away, and made to go to his new home in TX. Didn't work out as I wished, and the disaster is now of global epic proportion.

Since then I have made many great friends, had some intense discussions and arguments, and learned much.

To all those new blog friends who added me to their blogrolls, and who linked to me, much thanks.

To the folks who have stopped by to read, and leave comments, also thanks.

To my new co-bloggers who add so much to the place, thanks.

To Pam, who has supported what to some might be seen as a big waste of time, the biggest thanks of all.

And now, let's go get 'em. And win.