Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Love u more than I did when u were mine

Wingers really hate that Larry Craig was outed, because they hate the gay blogger who helped out Craig.

Because, you know, politics is just so unfair:
In the twisted, gutter mind of Rogers, if you oppose “gay rights” (whatever that is) and you are a closet homosexual, “all bets are off.”

To say that this is perhaps the most nauseating example of how the left can justify using double standards to advance their political agenda is to state the obvious. But where Roger’s transgressions against decency and humanity really sink to levels unseen before in American politics is his towering conceit about what constitutes “hypocrisy” and how that self defined character flaw in someone else should lead to either ruining their political careers or their lives.

Someone like Larry Craig who is “outed” by his own behavior is something different entirely. The people who Rogers has deemed unworthy of being allowed to maintain their privacy regarding their sexual preference have not broken any law nor have they transgressed against any rules in Congress that would make their homosexuality an issue in any way, shape or form. Instead, Rogers applies an extraordinary narrow, close minded, indeed ignorant yardstick to determine whether someone “deserves” to be “outed.

In short, if you oppose his own definition of “gay rights” and refuse to “out” yourself, Rogers will do it for you.

Sad. So sad.

First, Mike Rogers at BlogActive doesn't out staffers with no decision-making powers. He outs proven hypocrites who vote against their own self interests while still clandestinely living their 'nurtured, not natural' lifestyles. So get your facts straight, idiot.

Second, this:
I may be very angry with the Republican party at the moment, despise parts of its agenda, and have nothing but contempt for a broad swath of its leaders. But the GOP has nothing comparable to the Rogers operation.

Oh, they have their oppo researchers and underhanded tactics. But that’s politics boys and girls, get used to it or get out. What Rogers does has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with personal aggrandizement and the accumulation of power. And the fact that the Democratic left latches on to this lickspittle of a man and gives him encouragement puts them beyond the pale in my book.

Where to begin: "The GOP has nothing to compare..."

Dude, how about these:
Fox News

Swift Boat Vets for Truth

Richard Mellon Scaife

And "lickspittle of a man". So you can criticize, but no one else? It was your party that ran him out of Dodge. The Republicans own both the front end, and the (no pun intended) back end of this story.

Look: your beloved party has tried to own "moral values", which is exactly whatever Fallwell/Dobson et al have dictated. You've closed the doors of the "Big Tent" to anyone who doesn't quite fit the ideal.

Yet somehow people who are loathed by the Republican Party still queue up at the door and beg to be let in. And you let them in, only to cast them out when they are found to be "other".

Don't blame me, pal.

And last:
"...have not broken any law..."

Check again. He pled guilty to disorderly conduct. I'm pretty sure that's against even Republican Laws. After all, you use it time and again to jail people who protest against GWBush.