Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Git mo' Justice

So Hamdan, 'worst of the worst', the 'sexiest prosecution' that was ordered just in time for the election cycle, the 1st man to be rushed to trial in Gitmo ... gets 5 months. (Not that Bushco will actually let him go, even if they applauded the 'fair trial.')

In a trial where the prosecution gets to present 'evidence' obtained thru torture, gets to use secret evidence the defense can't see, has a jury of 6 US Military officers, (out of a pool of 13), and only has to have a two thirds majority for a guilty verdict finds Hamdan guilty ... and hands down a 5 month sentence.

[snark]Woo-hoo, the system works![/snark]

Aside from that, this little tidbit regarding the Hamdan verdict stood out to me:
Defense lawyers said that ever since Hamdan was designated in July 2003 to face one of the very first trials, he had been separated from other detainees, in virtual solitary confinement with long periods of no sunshine.

Prosecutors and prison camps officials say there is no such thing as solitary confinement at Guantánamo.
"no such thing as solitary confinement at Guantánamo." WTF!? USA: Guantánamo Bay - New report shows 80% of detainees in solitary confinement

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