Sunday, August 24, 2008

You Might Be An Elitist If ...

You Might Be An Elitist If ...
You have to have your staff count how many homes you have.
You wear $500 shoes.
You were cheating on your crippled first wife with a rich girlfriend.
Your Daddy got you into the Naval Academy and you graduated at the bottom of your class.
You spend more on servants ($273,000) than most Americans spend on homes.
You think that Americans won't do hard work for $50 per hour.
Your entourage takes 9 limos to get a cup of cappuccino at Starbucks.
Of course if you were poor and brought up by a single mom and she said 'this is America, you can grow up to be President' and you believed her? Well, that's just an uppity negro. Or as McCain, Karl Rove & Co. say, an 'elitist.'

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