Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jesus is just alright

John McCain and Barack Obama are meeting at Saddleback Church in deepest Orange Co. Saturday to discuss faith. Or something.

I noticed as I wrote that that I put McCain first . . . interesting, that. Now check out this graphic:

McCain is on the left. So?

All western languages of which I'm aware read left to right.

When I was taught to look both ways in Kindergarten, it was "look left, then right."

Menus in restaurants are organized as description on the left, price on the right.

While I'm possibly being paranoid, I'm also pretty sure this is no accident.

Full disclosure: In my alter ego as a Professional Audio Expert, I have done work for Saddleback Church. And I have seen 'backstage' of their operation. They have top-of-the-line audio and video equipment, dedicated professionals running same, and I have no doubt they also have pro graphics designers working on web design.

And graphics like that one.

In all fairness, when you go to this site:, the photo order is Warren/Obama/McCain. So I dunno . . .

What I do know is this: When we lived in the OC, I had 2 big mega-churches as clients. One was extremely right-wing, very repressive, male-dominated, based on Four Square Gospel tradition.

The other, an off-shoot of above, was more relaxed, more . . . well, tolerant of difference. The son of the Head Pastor and I got to be good friends. He ran their recording studio and record label (hence my involvement).

This church did anti-poverty work, reaching into the poorest communities and helping. They ran food and clothing drives, giving to folks in need with no questions asked. They would go to seedy motels in OC, offering material help, and yes, Gospel help if folks were open to it. But they seemed to me to be acting on their spiritual values, and not just building fancy glass cathedrals.

I clearly remember, during the run up to the '92 election, talking with my friend. Clinton was the candidate who more closely comported with his beliefs; help the poor, the downtrodden, worship at church regularly on Sunday, etc. But my friend was going to vote for G.H.W. Bush.

When I asked why, he simply said: "He doesn't kill babies."

With the 1st Gulf War having just taken place, I responded that Clinton doesn't kill innocent civilians. But that didn't matter. It was single issue time.

It's 16 years later, and regardless of how some say the evangelical movement has changed, when Barack Obama speaks tomorrow at Saddleback Church, that may be the deciding factor. They'll believe that McCain:
Doesn't kill babies.
I hope I'm wrong.

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