Tuesday, January 09, 2007

And I fell out of bed, hurting my head from things that Id said

I read them so you don't have to. From the Right-wing fever swamp:

I haven’t written anything about Iraq recently and there’s a reason for it; I’m waiting until we hear from the only guy who counts – the Commander in Chief.

I'll remind him about his obeisance to authority the next time a Democrat is President.

Protein Wisdom:
Does it not matter to you—or Greenwald—that the political opinions of Americans are being formulated based on uncorroborated reports or outright propaganda printed uncritically by the AP and other outlets?

Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler:

Police plan to set up checkpoints beginning Wednesday to help curb a crime wave that has claimed nine lives since the start of 2007, …

Mogadishu perhaps? Beirut? Kabul? Gaza City?

… Mayor Ray Nagin said, …

Yep. Good ol’ Nawlinz, Looseranna. A place run by The Party of People With A Plan™ for well over 100 years.

…stopping short of imposing a curfew on this tourism-dependent city.

Stopping short of actually solving any problems by actually doing something that might actually, you know, “work“.

Ace of Spades:

The left has been expecting Santa to bring them all ponies for Christmas.

The Democratic Party now has to walk a difficult line, keeping their lunatics believing in Santa, but also letting them down gently: "Sorry, Nelly, no pony this year. Maybe Christmas 2009. If you're a good little activist."

But if Santa is all-knowing and all-good and all-powerful, how can he stand idly by while millions don't get their ponies?

Noted theologian Andrew Sullivan is expected to cover this perplexing question in his next bestseller seller, The Liberal Soul: How The Democratic Party Lost It And How You Can Stop Oppressing Me And Let Me Marry A Feller.


The reality is this ... Bush has the authority to tell these feckless liberals and democrats to get lost. Send the troops, let's see them cut the funding off then. The weak, ineffectual bastards won't get elected to anything in 2008.

And if they won't defend this country and come to terms with the genuine global threat we face today, including in Iraq, then it's getting close to time to start a war with them. Taken as a whole, they are more dangerous then your average car load of jihadists. They won't even fight for America, the cowards would rather just give it away.

Quote of the day, from Eric Alterman:
Bush is like a man who is dealt two kings in blackjack (after 9-11) when the dealer is showing a three, doubles down instead of playing his winner hand, gets two twos, and continues to double down over and over and over until he loses his family's life savings and insurance policy. Kristol, Krauthammer, and Kaplan, et al, are like the Vegas floozies with fake boobs telling him what a big man he is the whole time, stroking his thighs while picking his pockets ... (Oh, and John "Maverick" McCain is the long-suffering wife ...)

Damn. I wish I'd said that.