Friday, January 12, 2007

Just gimme some kind of sign girl

(image from darkblack, apropos of nothing, just a wonderful picture. Oh, and Louis knew bullshit when he heard it.)

My personal favorite Right Wing Nut Job has issued a challenge:

Michelle Malkin and Bryan Preston (of Hot Air) have made it to Baghdad and are currently embedded with a unit that appears to be at the center of the action:

My Hot Air colleague Bryan Preston and I have been in Iraq, embedded with an incredibly dedicated Army unit in Baghdad tasked with training Iraqi security forces (both Shia and Sunni) conducting counterinsurgency operations, and carrying out civil affairs work. Yes, there is danger and chaos and unspeakable bloodshed in parts of Baghdad. Sectarian violence—compounded by everyday street crime and tribal conflict—is rampant. Corruption, incompetence, and apathy infect the Iraqi government. You’ve gotten endless news coverage of all that. But there are also pockets of success and signs of hope amid utter despair. I’ll give you more details of our embed unit after we get home. We have much to report and will be publishing a multi-part video and audio series, blog posts, and op-eds on security conditions, media malpractice, and the big picture on the war next week. Having met, watched, and interviewed a broad cross-section of our troops during our brief but fruitful travels, my faith in the U.S. military has never been stronger—but I will not sugarcoat my skepticism and doubts about decisions being made in Washington.

First of all, I speak for (almost) everybody both left and right when I wish them good luck and pray that they stay safe.

I say “almost” everyone because if the past is any guide, there will be sneering contempt from some lefty blogs – criticism that drips with racism, sexism, and a a jaw dropping kind of obscene hate. I plan on posting the reaction from the left to Malkin’s trip to Iraq because these people must be exposed as the ignorant racists they truly are. Ignoring their hypocrisy only makes them believe they are clever rather than pond scum.

Criticism of Malkin and Preston is not the issue. It is perfectly acceptable to criticize what they write and their impressions of what is going on Iraq. But the rancid way in which some lefty bloggers will personalize their criticism will not be tolerated by me or, I imagine, a host of others.

Feel free to leave links from lefty blogs in the comments who you feel step over the line. As news spreads of the Malkin/Preston embed, I should have plenty to write about this afternoon.

(emphasis mine)

So certain, so sure, so manly, so . . . wrong.

First, when was this written? It says:
By: Rick Moran at 8:21 am

But it's dated:

In my time zone, that makes it 8:21 am, Thursday, 1/11/2007.

Problem is, I read the piece last night, and commented on it:
SteveAudio Said:
2:29 pm

Interesting to see how many hate filled posts were linked here…none.

No one on the left wishes Malkin any harm, we just wish she would use some sense once in a while, and think before she speaks.

Unlike American Digest last week, who made fun of Jane Hamsher being a cancer survivor.

Excapt I commented on it last night, around midnight. So the clock on his blog is screwed up. All that means is that the post has been up longer than it appears, which makes my point even, ahem, funnier:

No one has responded with any evil leftist ranting. No. One.

In fact the harshest thing there, after my comment, was this:
kender Said:
3:18 pm

The “wink wink death wishes” from the left will come. Steve Audios words aside, many on the left are childish and hateful enough to wish harm on those that oppose them ideologically.

To which I responded:

SteveAudio Said:
3:06 am

Proof, dude. Show me some proof.

Having said that, I hear death wishes from righties all the time. In fact, a certain San Francisco radio station is getting the Mouse in a little bit of hot water on that very topic.

So poor Rick's shout out the the monitors of leftie hate has sputtered to a dismal failure.

Sad. So sad.

And just for competeness, here's a picture of the aforementioned Ms. Malkin: