Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Misunderstanding all you see

In the best tradition of the Right Wing, we have this from Protein Wisdom:

According to Crooks & Liars:

Chuck Hagel Smacks Lieberman: Questions his competency

There’s irony for you. Hey, speaking of competency, I hear that Tim Johnson’s improved--a little.


Hagel (with solid right-wing cred) questions the war, and the assumtion is that he is mentally challenged, like a guy who had a brain bleed.

Clever, classy, utterly idiotic.

And mean.

There's your Culture Of Life.

Here's where it gets interesting. From commenter Robert:
Re Johnson comment: not nice, and I wish you hadn’t said it.

And in a remarkable misunderstanding of basic English communication, Protein Wisdom author Dan Collins responds:

So, it is one thing to question someone’s competency on national television because he differs from one’s opinion on the war, and another to question one’s competency because he’s suffered a severe brain hemorrhage?

Short answer: Yes.