Friday, January 19, 2007

quiet chords from my guitar

More guitar music...

Sometimes 'shred' is necessary. Because sometimes prodigious technique is needed to serve the music.

Too many people play Bach as a romantic, which allows one to hide all sorts of flaws. One can just 'hang' onto that one note a little longer to allow the fingers of the left hand to find their place for the next few notes. To the listener it sounds like music played in Rubato time, speeding up and slowing down for expressiveness.

But here is a great example of Bach played right. The constant meter doesn't trap one into a metronome-like performance, but instead creates the growing tension that is finally released in the final chord.

OK, I'll shut up. Here's a very young John Williams playing the Prelude To Unacompanied Cello Suite no. 1: